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I must confess my guilt.


Hardly a day has gone by these past nine years when I haven’t gotten up in the morning, opened my computer and hoped to hear news of Trumps fatal heart attack or brain aneurysm. He has represented all that I have opposed in life – honor, truth and decency.

He is a danger to all that I believe.  I can’t say that my feelings do not border on hate, which is exactly what he has generated, not just against him but against each other, which for me is unforgiveable, both for him and for me.

Richard Kimball, Vote Smart Founder 1988

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 Well now he’s done it.  Promised, if elected to “root out all vermin” that disagrees with him. People like General Milley, Pense and so many other former friends he wants put to death.

 I am not very liberal, but I am proud to stand by his vermin, a term first used in the 14th century referring to animals that are difficult to control.

 I don’t think he can control me or you, or any thinking conservative or liberal, unless of course you’re amidst the mindless goosestepping boot lickers that are making him possible.

Richard Kimball, Vote Smart Founder

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Cupid is a Little Devil?

To preserve a modicum of sanity and friendly relations if I take a walk when someone talks politics. I have found there is comfort in not knowing another person’s views.

However, this week as so many liberal friends celebrate Trump’s indictment drawn from a sexual affair, I just want on the highest hill to scream how dangerously desperate that inditement will be made to appear.

Is paying off a prostitute really the important issue?

When the conservatives wanted to impeach Clinton for Whitewater, found nothing but Monica Lewinski and so impeached him for that, was the world made right. Does anyone really think men in power won’t follow the urge to pollinate the flowers that gather about them. Hell, even Jimmy Carter “lusted in his heart.”

Be careful what you wish for? You better.

This celebration will play the key role in turning what is an imbecile into a martyr with his millions of nymphlepts. He had sex. He tried to hide it. Ya, that’s unusual, let’s get him for that and engorge his line, “The liberals are on a witch hunt and will do anything,” with real value.

This indictment helps build him a silken cushion to fall upon when it comes to the serious issues that truly matter, like insurrection, election interference and tax fraud.

Richard Kimball, Vote Smart Founder

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As a kid I wondered how

someone could talk if

they didn’t have a brain.

Then I got into politics.

Politics for Dummies 101

 As an unsoiled, wide-eyed newcomer long ago, I worked in the U.S. House, then the Senate, and finally as an elected official myself.  I quickly learned a couple of things. The first was this:  Few politicians know much about the issues they represent you on. Unknown to almost every citizen is that thousands of bills are offered up in congress every session — some contain a thousand pages or more.  No one sits there and reads them.  You don’t, they don’t, so who is running this thing?

 To answer imagine this:   Let’s say you are Senator YOU and the final bell rings calling you to the senate floor to vote on giving a billion dollars to widget makers, the widget makers that do read the bills and often actually draft them.  As you head for the door to go vote both your phones ring. You only have time to take one call.  On the first phone is that real you, just a typical voter in your district concerned about how your money is being spent.  On the other phone is that new friend, a widget maker who raised one hundred thousand  for your last campaign, or pushed a few thousand of his minion widget makers in your district to vote for you, or perhaps spent a half million on his own trashing your opponent so you wouldn’t get blamed for it. Which call are you going to take? 

Get it?

 Sometimes there is a bit of a wrinkle when widget makers fight with gizmo makers. They both fight over your dollars and when that happens many representatives feel compelled to find ways of filling both wallets.  As a gawky, googly-eyed new capitol staffer, I learned how that happens like this:  As a young pup, my first job in congress was to read the cards and letters from home sent to my congressman and select the kind of canned response they should receive.  (NO, they didn’t always read your letters, unless of course you are a widget or gizmo maker.)  

 The machinery back then to answer dozens of daily letters and machine sign (NO, those signatures on their letters to you were not always originals) responses to your concerns was noisy, so I worked at night after everyone went home. 

 Anyway, to my point, one night I opened a letter from a lady who was furious with my Arizona congressman’s vote to subsidize cigarettes.  I had not known that and became upset myself.  I stayed up a few extra hours to confront my congressman at the door as he walked in the next morning.   His condescending glance at me told his chief of staff, who had walked in with him, to handle this kid.  Which he did, pulling me aside.

 No, he said, the congressman doesn’t really support tobacco growers, but he needed Senator Jesse Helms of tobacco-growing North Carolina to support the billions in tax dollars needed to alter the course of the Colorado River so that it flows through Phoenix and Tucson instead. 

 Now if you’re not selling cigarettes or real-estate in a bone-dry desert, you probably didn’t know anything about this.  And that is just fine with those widget makers who do, and pump millions into congressional campaigns to get billions in return.

 At any rate, that was some time ago, long before people became so exasperated that the grounds became fertile for a traitor like Trump.

 Richard Kimball, Vote Smart Founder

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