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More work against it than for it!

 We are what we choose to listen to, and what we choose is what we like to hear, and those we like to hear need to dumb down each story for the few seconds they will have of our attention spans – always simplistic and blood boiling.

  A kind of witch’s cauldron of mob creation, all illustrated now on college campuses and created by a media stuffing the sub-human attacks, first on Oct. 7th and then the horrific response.

 Ask any of those college demonstrators or perhaps your own children what it is all about, and I guarantee you they will give you simplistic answers anchored in resent events and nothing on the long agony that began before Israel itself.

 I have no cure for the hatred, other perhaps than restarting civics education in our schools. 

 I just wish we could push back the clock to 1947 and given them Wyoming instead.  (Please NO hate mail. It is just a joke………………I think?.

Richard Kimball, Vote Smart Founder

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