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Built in 1876 by my great grandfather George Kimball, President of the American Carriage Association for the Governor of Massachusetts.

With no opportunity, no freedom, punished for his faith, or his poverty, or just his unwillingness to be dominated, Richard Kimball came.  He gathered what he could carry, left family, friends, all he had ever known, never to return, to go through a tortuous passage for a chance to make his own way.

 He would have fought through the pain and loss as he set foot in the unknown.  Starting with a little stand of timber he became a wheelwright, and his children and his children’s children would take that and build carriages, hotels, and railroads as they helped build the greatest country ever known.

  The Richard Kimball of 1634 was little different than any other in our nation of immigrants and no different than immigrants today.

 How silly we are to fight those who have gone through Hell with that same courage and passion for a better life.  It is those who make us great!

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Richard Kimball, Vote Smart Founder

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