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I Am Going to Unzip It

    Becoming a Little Mouthy!

 Back in the 1980s I promised Presidents Ford and Carter, along with 38 other national leaders of their day, that I would not utter another word about politics or much of anything else controversial for as long as it took.  I would then commit my life to creating a source of abundant, accurate, relevant, factual information we could all support and to which any conservative or liberal could turn in absolute confidence.   

 The result, of 34 “utterless” years?  Twelve thousand, three hundred and eighty-eight days of corked, unstable explosiveness about my fellow man. 

 This is my announcement of my coming blather.  If you want to follow my missives, know this: they will be eclectic, about the present and the past, a bit of humor, and a healthy dose about YOU, along with occasional chapters of the memoir I am writing called, “The Life and Times of a Nobody.”

 What I write may please and anger you in equal measure and be absorbing to no one but me.  But you are welcome to follow my musings on at: where you will get notified when I publish a missive, or simply go to my blog (, or even better, just grab a beer, kick back in your Barcalounger, and smother up the real world with another run of Leave it to Beaver.

 You will see that I have already published a half dozen short pieces, while I was testing this with a handful of neighbors and family. 

 Now I start for real.

 Richard Kimball

 Founder of Vote Smart

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Or my blog:

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