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Tough Doves

Winning Peace Takes Courage

My Dove

It sat unnoticed and motionless in a Jasmine I planted some years ago. I might never have noticed had I not used a garden hose to spray dust off the Jasmine’s vines — it flinched. It made the slightest almost imperceptible move when the water struck, making what had been invisible to me visible for the tiniest instant and then refroze as it had for weeks, even as I passed within inches to feed my two dogs underneath it each day. I could stand a foot from its face as it stared back at me resolute, unwilling to budge.

It took a week before I understood.

For many days now, I have been in awe of its devotion and patient, sheltering courage. It was like seeingdoves for the very first time. They may not have claws and fangs, but doves are damn tough. And now, as I look out my office window and see its two young peering from the vines, readyto test a first flight, I think how lucky they are that someone cared so — cared that they get this chance to fly.

Richard Kimball, Vote Smart Founder

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