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    O M G > G O P> W T F

Last updated on August 29, 2022


Saw this little bumper sticker:

    O M G >    G O P>    W T F

  Wasn’t sure what it meant until someone steeped in this new language explained.  It was then that I


 It made me think of those I had worked with, those Republicans I most respected in politics both in the Congress and state legislature.

 I am not sure why I always got along better with Republican colleagues than my fellow Democratic ones, but it was always so.  None were or ever would have been Trump-pets, and those that have passed on are certainly smoldering in their graves over that despicable, traitorous ass.

 They were simply conservative, came to their judgements by experience and thinking often different than my own, and most notably, always fun, challenging, and educational to talk with. The result: contentions could be, if not resolved, at least adjusted, and advance toward a common goal.


 Richard Kimball, Vote Smart

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